Nighthawk’s Apartment
Kyiv, Ukraine, 2020
38.2 sq.m.
The design of the apartment is inspired by Edward Hopper's art narrative with its carefully constructed composition and a timeless, universal quality whispered by the night. Nighthawk’s is a small scale apartment inside a typical Kyiv building created for creative people whose aesthetic mode is always on. The main design pursuit is creating a boundless space with a strict balance between necessities and extras. 

Nighthawk’s kitchen is simpleness at its peak. It is devoid of any heavy items. Nayo dining table is an author solution by a designer Ihor Havrylenko. Its naive design complements the room with a wooden lightness. The Oaki dining chairs by Northern share the table’s integrity. A lucid glass vase by BoConcept organically fits the atmosphere with its color-form-material trio. A Blue powdery ottoman by My home collection is a symbol of Nighthawk’s hospitality. Together with a berry-like coat rack Hang it all by Charles & Ray Eames, they are to meet guests for sophisticated art hangouts. 

The main focus of the bedroom is a pedestal bed. The pedestal itself functions as a visual focal point for a bed, as a closet, and as a sitting place at parties and meetings. The lamp by Naama Hofman cuts the air with light serving also as reading lighting for cherished book time inside of the Oaki lounge chair. A massive Kaw's print behind is to remind the nature of all the nighthawks — dark in its deepness and exquisite in its style. 

Harmony of the bedroom is constructed mainly with a color scheme: black, white, and pastel shades. Brights colors knock down, naturals ones — calm down. Generally, space engages for interaction. It is not about moving things around, but about more intimate breathing level. The apartment is filled with subtle, well-thought interventions, whose ingenuity lies in the fact that they are unnoticeable.

Nighthawk’s bathroom owns a refined sensibility that manages to combine the soothing gracefulness of craftsmanship with the polish of modernism. The spacious shower zone is designed in calm grey shades. The minimalist washbasin by Simas is mounted into a designer cabinet by product designer Ihor Havrylenko. The cabinet is proudly wearing a black outfit with Jean-Michel Basquiat’s pattern on it. 

Exquisitely detailed, the apartment is a treasure trove of intricate interventions and bespoke furnishings whose sophistication reflects in the functionality and a passion for the fine art of design.
Architect Ihor Havrylenko
Digital photography by Ihor Havrylenko

*It is not a Kaw’s original work — it’s just a print used to make a canvas. This design project is not realized, so the copyrights are not infringed.

Nayo dining table designed by Ihor Havrylenko with Oaki dining chairs by Norther and a lucid glass vase by BoConcept
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