Hi atelier is an interior and product design atelier in Kyiv, Ukraine, founded by Ihor Havrylenko in 2019.
'I love to combine different elements and shapes. I love to express myself without barriers and borders. Our design is a combination of modern art with the philosophy of human being. I love to learn how people live, how they spend their time and what they expect from modern design. What do they want? What they are waiting for and what will surprise them? That is why natural talking and close communication with customer is the best way to make wonderful project. My design is a new form which wants to be learned. Sometimes it is a difficult combination of functions and shapes and sometimes it is pure simplicity. That's what Hi atelier is about', — says Ihor.
Ihor Havrylenko is quite a versatile guy. He likes to take photos, and make inspiration to share with everybody. He enjoys marketing and loves to learn something new all the time but first of all, he is an interior and product designer based in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Ihor Havrylenko grew up in Ukraine where he was awarded a master’s degree in architecture at Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Then he started working at famous Ukrainian studio Sergey Makhno Architects as a designer. After 3 years, Ihor became the head of the product design department, and he still works there.
'I love this place. Love this wonderful energy of people around me and design projects we create. I have a great lovely team. This is the place where I've learned what wabi-sabi is and how to combine different styles and philosophies. I've learned how to make sophisticated stuff for people who love the art and aesthetics of minimalism. This is a wonderful feeling to know that your design has great energy, philosophy and people love it.
But for me, it is important to be heard. That is why I decided to make another design based on my own emotions and experience, my own philosophy and energy. The design I bring through the young project is called Hi atelier. This is a place for people who love to break the rules, place for design based on pure emotions, how I see this world and what I want to say. All things matter. All details matter. This is all about how I feel the modern Ukrainian design', — says Ihor.