Interior Design Conception:

- concept development
- floor plan conception
- realistic 3D visualization

Full Interior Design Project:

- concept development
- all construction drawings
- realistic 3D visualization
- supervision and support

Custom Product Design:

- concept development
- sketches and collages
- realistic 3D visualization
- all technical drawings
- supervision and support

Our Product design:

- we produce own design line
- you can see our products here

Any collaboration:

- contact us by this form
- we are open to any offers


The Village Ukraine is the city's Internet newspaper: everything about cultural and social life, service, entertainment, food and people of Kyiv. Their goal is to produce content that will help improve life in the city.

Press kit includes:

- PDF description of Hi atelier in English, Ukrainian and Russian;
- JPEG images of Hi atelier founder Ihor Havrylenko;
- JPEG and PNG images of Hi atelier logo.