Naoka Apartment
Holosiivskyi District, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2022
93.49 sq.m.
Naoka Apartment is a place just off Holosiivskyi National Natural Park, in Kyiv. The man who bought this place is minimalism lover with idea to create calm space without unnecessary stuff and details but full of natural vibe. He likes light colored textures with some elements that give a contrast. His home needed to reflect a modern sensibility without ignoring the legacy of his family and a place where he used to live before — Crimea.

The Crimea peninsula is located on the northern coast of the Black Sea, south of Kherson Oblast in Ukraine, to which it is connected by the Isthmus of Perekop. In late February 2014, following the Revolution of Dignity, Russian troops occupied the Crimea. The occupation of the peninsula is not internationally recognized and is defined as an act of illegal annexation. Crimea is Ukraine. 

The home might be the perfect place where the privacy of one`s own experience brushes with the natural and philosophical worlds. Combined together the cultural heritage of Crimean Tatars with ascetic minimalism you will get something that definitely look like design that we made. Two different worlds come together in this place: the style of simple surfaces without details focused on the viewer and other with philosophy based on cultural heritage full of patterns, colors and senses. 

This apartment do not have noise. It is made in shades of white with added wooden details that creates a clear but warm vibe. Scarce colored details add an accent that attracts attention at the right time.

Large custom bed upholstered by boucle fabric stands in front of panoramic window with view on the city from 18th floor. It is set beneath a pair of Dimple sconces produced by New York-based RBW studio. Wooden built-in furniture consists of three different sections: a portal, open shelves and storage space.

Custom black pouf set beside elegant Daphine Terra floor lamp produced by Lumina. In a corner of the bedroom, reproduction of artwork "Crimea. Karadag" by Ukrainian artist Ivan Ormanzhi. Floor and wall covering made in light gray microcement that reflect much more natural light.

Custom-designed bed covered by natural white linen, shares a corner with a restored wooden bedside table and RBW`s Dimple sconce. At the other side of the wall, painting of Ukrainian artist created in Crimea, Ukraine.

Built-in furniture creates storage and workplace. The last one made in natural wood with polished metal shelves; hung above is Manhattan wall lamp by Italian Contardi studio. The last but not least part of the room is PK9 chair made in satin brushed stainless steel and black leather, produced by Fritz Hansen in Denmark. 

Located just off the bedrooms is the bathroom, in the most natural of tones and textures, with nary a curve in sight. The custom-designed sink is a striking installation of gray stone and satin brushed stainless steel. Light ceramic wall covering is the best solution for the small place like that. 

The kitchen and living room are separated by a curtain. You can create an open space by pulling back the curtain. In the living room area custom-designed sofa with movable parts that you can set up on your own, Trix coffee table made in extralight clear bent glass designed by Sovet and Setago JH27 lamp designed by Jaime Hayon for &Tradition stands on it. 

In the corner of the living room area is wooden built-in console that creates small workplace and book storage. Other parts of composition are Setago JH27 lamp and gorgeous Quadra chair designed by Spanish brand Viccarbe. 

Low custom-designed wooden console with hidden projector. Kiss is a 1963 silent American experimental film directed by Andy Warhol, which runs 50 minutes and features various couples – man and woman, woman and woman, man and man – kissing for 3½ minutes each.

Monochrome build-in kitchen with a blue emphasis - ceramic handmade painted tile with Middle Eastern pattern. In the center of kitchen area, chairs S 661 made in molded oak plywood designed by Günter Eberle and produced by Thonet, discreet Base table designed by Mika Tolvanen for Scandinavian brand Muuto and The Aalto Vase, also known as the Savoy Vase, created by Alvar Aalto and his wife Aino that has become an internationally known iconic piece of Finnish design.

Ceramic tiles, composed of clay, dried in the sun, twice kiln fired, glazed and hand-painted, capture the rich colours and Turkish ornaments. Wall glazed tiles used in Turkish architecture were called kaşi. The art of Turkish glazed tile has constantly improved during the Ottoman era with innovations in techniques and colored patterns, typically with floral motifs.

The open space is an ode to minimalism combined with Crimean and Turkish culture. Custom-designed low sofa is flanked by Daphine Terra floor lamp produced by Lumina, old fashioned carpet with colorful Middle Eastern pattern set beneath. Bright carpet laying on the monochromatic floor is a great technique that creates right contrast and stress the decorative elements of the design.

Rounded shapes unite the design of kitchen and hall. 
Big custom-designed mirror welcomes everyone  who come home.

Small but comfortable bathroom with tropic shower. Almost every surface in the bath is covered in little ceramic tile with natural shades. Other pieces include a custom-designed wooden console, straight mirror, Agile`s collection ceramic sink by Simas, and Dimple sconces by RBW studio.
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