Yuki Apartment

Kyiv, Ukraine, 2019
74.6 sq.m.

Yuki is a small one-room apartment in Kyiv. The customer is an adventurer who loves to travel and has a good lovely dog. The main idea of this apartment is a modern combination of a few different styles: minimalism, contemporary classic, and Scandinavian style. Also, this place has many windows with natural daylight which is not common for Ukrainian apartments like that. We decided to use it as much as possible.

Light is associated with air, freedom, ease, nature, trees, and animals. Like in the wild forest. Because of that idea, we chose the main colors and materials: light plaster, green and gold colors in combination with natural wood. For decorative elements, we chose gold and metal colors. Some parts are completely black. Others are completely white. In our opinion, all these colors bestow the character of a living and nature.

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