Minimal cave
A project of the small private apartment placed in Brovary, Ukraine. Designed by Ihor Havrylenko for a family who loves minimalism and gray color. They don't think about adding a lot of textures because it will make this space filled.
What Woman Wants?
'What Woman Want' is a design project about 'how true businesswoman wants to see her own space'. A place without a husband, children, and other irritating things.
De Medici
In the Italian courtyard, you can hear a gramophone playing. Tired Caravaggio’s canvases gaze out the high-browed apartments, while the ivory ribbons of curtains stretch from the balconies. De Medici live here — furniture of the outstanding Italian origin, created for the noisy secular parties and dreamy lounge spaces.
"Minimalistic in form but sporting an aged finish, it also seems historic yet modern. For contrast, accents of raw wood and linen provide warmth and a touch of natural appeal against its cold industrial frame. DO want!” — Troy Turner, Yanko Design
Yuki is simply a synthesis of art and naturalism, it's just a random word that, according to the author, completely conveys the mood of the apartment. Yuki is a beautiful girl who does not cling to monotony but goes on to meet adventure.
The Oshu
Mirrors are not just an object. They all see everyone remembers. These thoughts have very strongly hooked our soul. Therefore, we became fired with the desire to develop a design of mirrors.
Dazed is an island of tranquility and silence for someone who doesn`t stop in motion. With this project, we managed to understand how an ideal apartment should look like for a person who works in the fitness industry.
"Don't be hesitate! These lamps need your touching! The main idea is to make a beautiful simple and practical interactive lamp. Inspired by the American design of 50-70 years." — Ihor Havrylenko, designer
Bachelor Degree work of contemporary art museum placed in Kyiv, Ukraine. The purpose of the project - to centralize the potential of Ukrainian masters of modern art. The project should complement Andrew's descent - the main venue artists and art galleries since ancient times.
The Mess
The Village New Home