Conceptual collection `My colour is...` \ April 2017 \ Ukraine​​​​​​​


Place: Kyiv, Ukraine Materials: steel, polymer plastic. Designer: Ihor Havrylenko
Published on: Web magazines: UD&ArtDesignideas.pic
Polychrome lamps – it is seria of lamps made in Pop minimal style stylistics. Every lamp is individual! Each of them has its own character. Its own story.  I was planning creating lamp in a Pop stile for a long time. On the beginning of my work I was concentrated about concept for only one lamp, but after reading more about Pop culture and Endie Warhall I accidentally found his words: “ Every time you cry, you could laugh, it’s your choise “. And then I understood that always in culture has to be choice. This project for me like Marilyn’s portraits for Endie. In a final result I’ve started my work on four types of lamps made in one stylistics and with same materials: metal, plastic, organic glass. Cone form, in my opinion, universal, beautiful and self-contained. That is why cone became formative for all lamps. Inside framework is individual for every lamp. Different ornament from metal rods emphasizes their individuality and mood.
Color and shape – the most important Pop element. Right combination of color, form and idea - pledge of a good project! Be it a picture, cup design, architecture or lamp. I chose four colours for my work. They are different. With different character and idea. A lot of thanks to Pantone for their work and help in this not easy business. Main colors are: Greenery, Calypso Coral, Twilight Purple, Blazing Yellow.
Despite all this colors are very bright (maybe childish) I think this lamps worked out for adults on the first place. For those adults, who understand the idea. Below I shortly described the nature of each lamp giving the opportunity to think up the rest of the story on your own.
Miss Charm. Weirdy lamp with kind thoughts!
Mr. "it's time to drink tea". He has nothing to worry about! He always relaxes.
Mr. "Real man". He's a brave gentleman. Good in everything!
Miss. "The world is beautiful". She is the embodiment of joy and happiness.