Table lamp
in progress

FLO lamps it is table lamp with one light. This lamps made in modern style with using contemporary materials: brass or gold, artificial stone, marble, plastic with a pattern, fabric. The main idea is to make a beautiful simple and practical interactive lamp. Inspired by the American design of 50-70 years and contemporary trends. These lamps have two main parts: the base and the top - reflector, which I called "Flo". Lamps have a light source that shines upon the reflector. And the revector dispels the light. "Flo" can be easily turned in the direction you need. You can easily control the intensity and direction of lighting. With Flo lamps, you can do like this. Don't be hesitate! These lamps need your touching!
Lamps have two types: small - 110 (base diameter) x 345 (height) mm. 220 mm - diameter of the "Flo"; large - 160 (base diameter) x 510 (height) mm. 320 mm - diameter of the "Flo". And two sets with a different style: Classic and Emotional.